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Nightly Dog Boarding

Jagger's is a Safe and Clean Facility to Board your Dog



Leaving your dog overnight for one night or multiple nights in a row while you travel out of town for vacation, weekend getaway, or a business trip doesn't have to be a traumatic event for you or your fur baby. We offer quality dog boarding for southern Illinois in a clean and safe environment.  To learn more about our Safety and Cleanliness standards, WATCH a short video at this link:  https://youtu.be/mW10hZ5y9EA 

At Jagger's Doggie Daycare in Mount Vernon, we pamper your pooch with love, in a warm, stimulating setting that they will thrive in. Jagger's is the ONLY dog boarding facility in Jefferson County and adjoining counties to offer FREE doggie daycare playtime on "Pet Turf" with a variety of exciting playground equipment as part of the nightly boarding kennel experience.  We define daycare as an area BOTH indoors and outdoors where dogs can play & socialize with other dogs their size and temperament in a clean and safe facility where they can also enjoy toys and playground equipment such as ramps, platforms, tunnels, and steps during the day, all under supervision by our staff.  We have 5,600 square feet of indoor space with (5) different indoor play areas.  We also have (3) outdoor shaded turf play areas that are much safer and cleaner than any environment that woulkd have dirt, pea gravel, concrete slab or natural grass that gets worn down and can expose your dog to germs, fleas, ticks, dirt, and mud.  Old-style Kennel runs that only offer a concrete slab can also be problematic for your dog, because your pet might not potty on them at all. (We hear that problem a lot)  Plus, the concrete can burn their paw pads in the summer. Visit Jagger's and compare.  Doesn't your dog deserve the safest environment possible?

First and foremost, we are dog lovers just like you.  That's why we will care for your dog just like our own.  Human interaction is vitally important and your dog will get that 1-on-1 care, love, and affection at Jagger's.  We are your dog's "home away from home."  Safety and security is top priority at Jagger's.  We have (33) security cameras that record constantly, as well as motion detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarms.  We are also wired directly into local police and fire department which is just a few blocks away.  We have a caring staff of 16 people who are dog owners and dog lovers like you.  Your dogs are always under human supervision in their play groups, whether inside or outside.  We are also the ONLY facility in Mount Vernon and surrounding area that features commercial Air Purification units to insure that the air your dogs are breathing is clean.  These units feature AHPCO technology developed by NASA, which eliminates 99% of allergens or potential air-borne pathogens that might otherwise be a threat to your pet. We are certified for air-quality with (5) different units in our building.

Under our supervision, your dog will be able to romp around and have FUN on doggie playground equipment, explore tunnels, ramps, platforms and play with toys, all while socializing with other dogs their size and temperament. Then, when they are ready for a break or a nap, a clean luxurious Suite awaits each fur baby, complete with a comfortable Kuranda bed, so they are not forced to lay on the floor. (We do not use Crates) Feeding times are completed at their normal routine schedule they are used to at home, and there are several opportunities for your fur baby to enjoy outdoor air and sunshine while taking potty breaks.  If your dog is on a prescription medicine or insulin, we can administer that as well.  Jagger's is now an authorized retailer of CBD Oil for Dogs as well as CBD treats, which can help with anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, and tumor growth.  We have seen amazing results for many dogs.  We offer CBD oil for dogs in three different dosage strengths, and they CBD treats are enjoyed by many pets.

Finally, at the end of a fun-filled day of play, your dog will be tucked in with great compassion and care to enjoy a comfortable night of sleep. Studies show that dogs exposed to doggie daycare playtime, wind down much easier at night and sleep more soundly, than dogs left at a typical kennel run with no organized socialization daycare, playtime or 1-on-1 human interaction. If you choose to bring familiar bedding material or toys from home, these items will remain within their suite and not shared with other dogs. Twenty-four hour monitoring is provided and several security measures are in place to ensure the health and safety of your pooch.  Even the color scheme of our boarding and daycare facility is designed to allow your pup to thrive, be comfortable, and prevent stress.  Your dog will view Jagger's Doggie Daycare as their "Home away from Home" and they will look forward to visiting.  We offer a "discount" for 2nd and 3rd dogs of the same family in the same Suite.  Safety is a major priority at Jagger's, which is why we are staffed with an employee/dog ratio that is above and beyond the national average for doggie daycares, plus we cover every area of the building with security cameras and alarms inside and out.  Our security system is also tapped directly into the police department, which is located just a few blocks from our facility.  Jagger's has the largest staff of any dog facility in Jefferson County to always insure that there is proper supervision and care.  To learn more about our Safety and Cleanliness standards, WATCH a short video at this link:  https://youtu.be/mW10hZ5y9EA 

Through our relationship with local veterinarians, any medical issue that could possibly develop for any reason, can be dealt with promptly. You have our pledge to always be in communication with you about any change of behavior or health. Naturally, your pooch is expected to be current on all required shots and vaccinations upon arrival.  If you do NOT provide a written record of current shots, your dog cannot stay- NO EXCEPTIONS We are also highly recommending the Canine Flu vaccination, due to the severe Canine Flu outbreaks in Chicago and St.Louis. 

If you have a female dog, and she is not spayed, she must NOT be in heat at the time of boarding or daycare, otherwise she cannot stay with us. The scent of a female dog in heat would cause a major disruption of the entire facility and would also put your dog at risk of being bred by another dog while on site. Jagger's is not responsible for a female dog (not disclosed of being in heat) becoming bred by another dog during boarding.  If your dog has FLEAS, it cannot board with us or come to dogggie daycare, or training unless given an immediate flea bath, which we have available upon request.

If you have a male dog that is not yet neutered, they can still stay - but they cannot play with other dogs.  Any "intact" dog (male or female) will be taken out individually and will not have group playtime/socialization with other dogs.  If you have a dog that is 6 months or older, we encourage you to have your dog "spayed" or "neutered" for multiple reasons.  Studies show that they will be much healthier, happier, and better behaved.  Therefore, your dog(s) will be permitted to socialize IF they are spayed or neutered.

Our goal and purpose, is to relieve you of any stress associated with leaving your dog in our facility for an extended stay.  We also offer "Optional Dog Obedience Training" as well as "Optional Dog Grooming" for your dog while you are away.  Ask us for details.  Jagger's is conveniently located at 414 Main Street between the two sets of railroad tracks. 

We offer a wide selection of Luxurious Dog Suites to meet your needs:
Standard Deluxe Suite (16 square feet) with Kuranda bed, soft music, soothing sage green walls plus A/C and heat
Queen Suite (24 square feet) with Kuranda bed, soft music, soothing sage green walls plus A/C and heat
King Size Suite (32 square feet) w/ Kuranda bed, soft music, soothing sage green walls plus A/C and heat
Super King Suite (36 square feet) w/ Kuranda bed, soft music, soothing sage green walls plus A/C and heat

If you really want to pamper your pooch we have:
Presidential Suites at 9' x 9' (81 square feet) which include Ceramic Tile floor, Cable Television and extra-large Kuranda bed, light jazz music, soothing sage green walls, heating, air-conditioning, private fan and home-like atmosphere with photos, curtains, etc..  If your dog has a favorite television channel, we will program it especially for them.  One of the Presidential Suites also includes an outside window for natural daylight.

Nightly Boarding Prices on Standard Suites start at $33 per dog, per date
(based upon the size of the Suite you choose for your pet - see the 5 different sizes)

Suite Size 1 Dog 2nd Dog 3rd Dog  
Standard Deluxe (4' x 4')  Limited to 30 lbs. $ 33.00 $ 24.00 $ 18.00  
Queen Size Suite (6' x 4') or (5' x 5') $ 37.00 $ 29.00 $ 21.00  
King Size Suite (8' x 4') $ 41.00 $ 34.00 $ 21.00  
Super King Size Suite (6' x 6') $ 43.00 $ 35.00 $ 21.00  
Presidential Suite (9' x 9') $ 51.00 $ 35.00 $ 21.00  

* Prices above can vary slightly during Peak Demand Holidays (just like hotels)

* Standard Deluxe Suite is ONLY for a dog that weighs 30 lbs. or less

*  All Prices include FREE Daycare/Playtime ($20.00 value) We have 5 indoor play areas and 3 outdoor play areas.  We match up dogs with same temperament & size.

*  Multiple dog discount available for same family member dogs in the same Suite.

*  Additional dogs in same Suite must be normal family members for safety purposes.  In other words, all dogs must normally live with you under same roof & sleep in same space.

*  We will feed your dog at their normal feeding times that you specify.

*  If you dog is on medication, we can administer that too, (including insulin shots-for a fee).

FEES for Medical/Medicine Administration
, there is an additional charge for medical/medicine procedures for each dog.  Administering medicine (pills) to a dog is $3.00 per day and administering injections to a dog is $10.00 per day.

Written Proof of updated shots & vaccinations required from your Veterinarian.  This includes:  Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper) Parvo, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough). We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Canine Flu vaccination for all boarding and daycare dogs, due to the severe outbreaks in Chicago and St Louis where some dogs died in boarding facilities. 

Each dog will also be inspected for "fleas" and cannot be admitted to boarding or daycare services if they have fleas.  As an optional cost, we offer a very good "all-natural" flea & tick shampoo in our Dog Wash area that can eliminate any concerns about fleas.  Your female dog must NOT be in heat when presened for baording.  If so, your dog cannot board with us. 

Should my Dog wear a Soresto Flea Collar at Jagger's?
We strongly suggest not to bring them.  Those plastic collars can be pronlematic in our environment.  They will likely get tugged and pulled off by playful dogs and we would rather not be responsible for them when they really aren't necessary, so please leave your Soresto collars at home.  If your dog shows up wearing a Seresto collar, we will ask you to remove it and take it with you.

PICK-UP TIMESOn your day of departure, you must pick by 12 Noon on Weekdays, otherwise there is a $15.00 Half-Day of Daycare Fee because we are keeping space available to your dog past your pick-up time.
Our Pick-up Time on Saturday is 9:00am to 11:00am. (drop-off's too)
The Pick-up time on Sunday is 9:00am to 11:00am. (drop-off's too)


What Should You Bring With Your Dog for Boarding Purposes?

1. We provide a Kuranda Bed to every dog, so they don't necessarily need a bed, unless you just have one that they "always" sleep on every night.  We also have blankets available, if they are used to having one, so no need to bring a blanket.  Some dogs "shred" blankets, so let us know if your dog has this tendancy and whether or not your dog uses a blanket.  We keep the rooms climate-controlled around 72 degrees year round. 

2.  Please Limit TWO TOYS only.  They should be a hard plastic or well-made stuffed toy.  Please do NOT bring a rope toy or anything made of rawhide that can cause potential health issue if ingested. 

3.  Please bring your dog in on a collar and a leash.  We suggest leaving flea collars at home. 

4.  DOG FOOD.  Please measure out and provide your dog's food in "Zip Lock" Bags.  It makes the feeding process much easier and accurate for our staff. Use a Black marker and write your dog's name on each bag.  Please do NOT bring us a large 30 lb bag of dog food.  Space is limited.

5.  Medication.  If your dog is on required medication, bring it and inform us of the proper dosing.  There is a small medical handling fee for adminstering medicine due to the extra time involved.  We don't simply put it in their food.  We make certain they take it with a treat, pill pocket, or piece of bread.  NOTE:  We carry multiple strengths of CBD Oil if your dog has a nervous nature and needs a "calming" effect, we can provide CBD oil upon request, as needed.

While most dogs left in our care are well behaved and easily handled, there have been a few exceptions.  If your dog(s) shows aggression towards our staff by biting or knocking down our employees, or cannot interact with other dogs at all due to extreme dog aggression, meaning that we cannot even walk them past other Kennels without displaying extreme behavior, then we reserve the right to refuse to board your dog(s), discontinue a boarding that is in progress, or at the very least charge a "Handling Fee" of $10 per dog, per day, due to the extra stress and safety concerns of our staff.  We will inform you if this becomes an issue with your pet(s).


We Accept Most Major Credit Cards, as well as cash and debit card.





*  We require a deposit of 50% toward your expected boarding cost.
This deposit is non-refundable if cancelled 10 days or less prior to your scheduled boarding date. A credit will be placed on your account for future use, if you cancel 10 days or less before your scheduled boarding date.


(A completed form does NOT guarantee booking.  Dates are subject to availability. You must also submit your current Vaccination Record from your Veterinarian. Please call us at (618) 316-7021 to secure your reservation and pay a 50% deposit). 

At Jagger's, We Love Your Dog Just Like Our Own Dog:


CALL US for Availability & Pricing Information, including the "Optional Dog Obedience Training" and "Optional Grooming" for your dog while you are away.  Our phone number is (618) 316-7021

These are the Presidential Suites (9' x 9') which include Cable TV in addition to the other home-like surroundings such as ceramic tile and a cozy Kuranda bed.


This is the 8' x 4' King-Size Kennel Suite (at left), which includes Kuranda bed, light jazz music, soothing sage green walls, window with natural light, heating and air-conditioning, private water and food dishes, and privacy panel from the adjoining Suite, which eliminates the stress and anxiety that dogs often experience in the typical "Kennel with Runs" type of facility. Notice the roomy space from the bed to the food/water dishes.  The King Suites will easily accomodate two "family" dogs if needed in the same Suite. The boarding experience at Jagger's is totally different and includes FREE daycare (a $20 value) like you see in the photos below.  The photo (above right) is a Standard Deluxe Suite (4' x 4') which is ideal for dogs under 30lbs.  You won't find cleaner Kennel Suites than we have at Jagger's.  (Assuming your dog is "spayed or "neutered."  Otherwise, dogs that are still "intact" cannot participate in group play/socialization but they an still board with us and have individual play time and interaction with staff.)




                                                                                        Green units above are 6' x 4' Queen Suites
                                                                                        for medium to large dogs.

        Trust Jagger's to be your dog's "Home Away from Home"

Each photo on this website and on our Facebook page are original photos taken by Jagger's.  We own the rights to each photo.  Any unauthorized use of any photo without permission is strictly prohibited.












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