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FAQ of CBD Oil

FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes Source CBD unique?​
Source CBD offers the highest quality, non- psychoactive, gold- grade CBD oil available on the legal market.  It is packed with natural terpenes such as Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Lemonine and many other incredibly beneficial cannabinoids such as Cannabachromene and Cannabigerol. Our coconut oil infused CBD bottles have the highest bio availability of any CBD product on the market.

Where does Source CBD oil come from?
Our gold- grade CBD oil is sourced from Germany, derived from the highest grade, organically grown hemp and processed using supercritical Co2 extraction.

What is the difference between the canine and human tinctures?
Just the label – our canine and human tinctures are the exact same product, just in different bottles with different labels.

Is Source CBD full spectrum hemp oil?
Yes, Source CBD is derived from whole plant, full spectrum, high quality CBD hemp.

Does Source CBD have any case studies?
We have been at the ground floor of hemp research and testing.  Source CBD has multiple case studies with everyday people like yourself experiencing the life changing effects of integrating our products into their daily regimen.

How is Source CBD hemp oil extracted?
Source CBD gold grade organic hemp oil is super- critically Co2 extracted in a pharmaceutical lab where the full- spectrum is utilized.  We do not use CBD isolates.

How are Source CBD Tinctures made?
Source CBD tinctures are made by infusing organic, non- GMO, gold grade CBD hemp oil with organic, non- GMO, liquid MCT coconut oil.

Are there any additives or preservatives in Source CBD products?
Source CBD products are all natural and have no additives, colorings, flavorings, fillers or preservatives unlike others on the market that use flavor additives and/ or preservatives.

How does Source CBD’s pricing compare to other CBD products on the market?
Source CBD is about 25% more affordable retail and wholesale per MG dose than the leading competitors.

Are Source CBD products legal in all 50 states? 
All of Source CBD products are 100% legal in all 50 states. Our CBD products are non- psychoactive and are derived from 100% industrial grade hemp grown in Germany.  It is harvested with non- detectable levels of THC with lab testing at under 0.30%.

What is the potency of Source CBD organic hemp oil?
Source CBD oil tests at 26% CBD and is an organic, therapeutic grade “gold oil”.  It is the highest strength, legal CBD available. 

What is the suggested dosage for the CBD tinctures?

The 200mg tincture is recommended for dogs up to 60 lbs as indicated below:

a.     Dogs 0-20 lbs.  Use 5 drops 2x per day (or 10 drops 1x per day) = 3 month supply

b.     Dogs 21-40 lbs.  Use 10 drops 2x per day (or 20 drops 1x per day) = 45 day supply

c.     Dogs 41-60 lbs. Use 15 drops 2x per day (or 30 drops 1x per day) = 1 month supply


The 500mg tincture is recommended for dogs over 60 lbs as indicated below:

            Use 15 drops 2x per day (or 30 drops 1 x per day) = 1 month supply


CBD Oil drops can be administered to your dog in three different ways:

1.     Direct into the dog’s mouth (could also place drops on a spoon and put in the mouth)

2.     Place drops on palm of your hand and let your dog lick the oil from your hand

3.     Put oil drops directly on a small piece of bread that they eat right away.

** NOTE:  Do not put CBD oil in the dog’s water bowl.  It will disperse to the sides and they might not actually injest the CBD oil.


How much CBD is contained in Source CBD tinctures?
The breakdown is as follows:
200mg/1oz – 6.6mg per 1 full dropper
500mg/1oz – 16.6mg per 1 full dropper
1000mg/1oz – 33.3mg per 1 full dropper
2000mg/1oz – 66.6mg per 1 full dropper
2000mg/2oz – 66.6mg per 1 full dropper
5000mg/2oz – 166.6mg per 1 full dropper

Where are Source CBD products manufactured?

Our Gold-Grade CBD Oil is sourced from Hemp Plants in Germany.  Upon arrival in the United States, the SOURCE products are manufactured/bottled/Packaged/Labeled in Northern Arizona through a licensed commercial kitchen.  Jagger's Doggie Daycare is the only authorized and approved retailer/distributor for Source CBD Oil in southern Illinois.   Learn more details about SOURCE brand CBD Oil on our website at THIS LINK on our website.

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