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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)  
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How much does it cost to board my dog at Jagger’s?
It depends upon the size (weight) of your dog and the size of Kennel Suite you prefer (based upon availability).  We have five different sizes of Kennel Suites available.  Prices start at $34 per night for our smallest Suites.  Our Standard Suites (4’ x 4’) are limited to dogs 30lbs or less due to space. We also have Queen size in (6’ x 4’ as well as 5' x 5'); King size (8’ x 4’); Super King (6’ x 6’); and Presidential Suites that are (9’ x 9’).  The Presidential Suites also include Free Cable TV tuned to the channel of your choice.  Rates can vary slightly during PEAK holiday seasons due to demand (just like hotels).

What does Boarding at Jagger's include?
At Jagger’s, the boarding experience includes FREE daycare/playtime during the day ($22 value) so your dog will be assigned to a play group both inside the playrooms as well as outside on the Pet Turf playground (as long as they are not intact).  The boarding dogs are only in their Kennel Suite for meals, naps, medicine, or overnight sleeping.  Each Kennel Suite includes a cozy Kuranda bed, blanket (if they aren’t chewers), privacy panel, stainless steel food bowl and water bowl, soft music, heating and air conditioning, air purification, security cameras, CO-2 detectors, smoke detectors, and motion detectors all tied in directly to the police and fire departments which are only 5 blocks away.  The Presidential Suites include Free Cable TV and ceramic tile. VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  All of the dogs at Jagger's enjoy an outside area on artificial Pet Turf to do their potty business.  They also get to play during the day, at no extra charge. Dogs think the turf is real grass, but there are many advantages because the Pet Turf is free of germs, mud, ticks, and fleas that can harm them.  If you take your dog to an old-style traditional Kennel, they only offer potty time on concrete slabs and often have no place to actively play.  Many dogs will not potty on concrete at all, plus it can burn their paw pads in the summer time.  COMPARE our facility to others, enjoy a tour, and take time to compare much more than just the price. Jagger's Doggie Daycare is the ONLY dog boarding facility in Mt Vernon with 3 Pet Turf playgrounds. You truly get what you pay for at Jagger's and you quickly realize that Safety and Cleanliness are the top priorities at our facility.  We also have the largest staff of any boarding facility in Jefferson County (16 adults), therefore the ratio of people-to-dogs remains safe at all times.

I own multiple dogs, can I board more than one dog in the same Kennel Suite?
Yes you can, as long as the dogs are accustom to sleeping together in a smaller environment on a nightly basis.  For safety purposes, they must be from the same home, under the same roof to stay in the same Suite.  For example, we cannot place your dog in the same Kennel Suite as your brother's dog or your cousin's dog from another home.  That won't work, because it is dangerous.  In that example, your dog and your relative's dog would need to stay in separate Kennel Suites, for safety purposes.

Is there a discount for the second or third dog in the same Kennel Suite if they qualify as stated above?
Yes, if they qualify by being from the same home and accustom to sleeping together every night in a small area, then there is a multi-dog discount on the second dog or third dog in the same Kennel Suite.  All of the boarding pricing is available on the Nightly Dog Boarding page of our website.  There have been some instances in the past where family dogs staying together in the same Suite, don't jive together after about 4 days of boarding, creating a safety risk.  If that occurs, we will separate them into individual Kennel Suites at night, for safety purposes.  This will likely affect your total boarding bill, slightly.  Our priority is safety. 

Are there any additional charges for boarding that I should be aware of?
If you wait to pick-up after 12 Noon on a weekday, there is a half-day daycare charge of $16 because we have had to keep space available to your dog and provide daycare supervision. We open on weekdays at 7:30am.  You can pick-up anytime before 12Noon on weekdays without incurring any additional charge.
The Saturday Pick-up and Drop-Off times is 9:00am to 11:00am. 
The Sunday Pick-up and Drop-Off times is also 9:00am to 11:00am.

There is a small medical handling fee if we have to administer medicine or do injections.  
If you do not bring dog food, there will be a daily charge for “house” food that we provide.
If we have to take your dog to the veterinarian, there will be a transportation fee.
If your dog is overly aggressive and becomes a threat to our staff, there will be a handling fee.
If you would like for your dog to have an Exit Bath or nail trim, there will be an additional charge for the bath and nail trim at normal rates.
All of these add-on fees are fair and customary in the pet boarding industry.

How many days can I board my dog with you?
There is no limit of days.  However, Kennel space is subject to availability. If you are boarding your dog for 30 days or more, there is a multi-date discount.  

Is there a deposit required to reserve Boarding dates with Jagger’s?
Yes, we require a 50% deposit if you have never boarded with us before.  We accept cash, debit card, credit card and check.

What shots/vaccinations are required to board my dog at Jagger’s?
We require current documented vaccines for Rabies, DHLLP combo (Parvo & Distemper), Bordetella (Kennel Cough), and we strongly recommend Canine Influenza.  If for some reason your veterinarian doesn’t offer the Bordetella vaccine or Canine Flu vaccine (some don’t have it in stock) you can always get those two vaccines at ANY veterinarian in Mount Vernon.  They all stock it, because they all know our boarding policy.

Do you require the Canine Flu vaccine? 
We care about the health & safety of your dog.  It is our top priority.  There was a severe outbreak of Canine Flu in Chicago and St Louis 3 years ago, which killed multiple dogs.  We believe that is too close for comfort, so we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Canine Flu vaccine.  Since it has now been 3 years, we no longer require it, but we still get it for our own dogs and we continue to recommend it to everyone.  Many customers tell us that it gives them comfort in knowing that when they bring their dog to us, every dog staying at Jagger’s is up-to-date on their vaccinations.  We occasionally have dogs stay with us at Jagger's who travel in from out-of-state.  Since we don't know those dogs well, or where they have been, it gives us all more piece of mind in knowing they have been vaccinated properly for Rabies, DHLLP, Bordetella, and most have the Canine Flu vaccine..

Can I administer vaccines to my dog myself, or do I need to go to a Veterinarian.  
We require all shots/vaccinations to be done by a licensed Veterinarian and documented proof provided.  There is a multitude of reasons why nobody should vaccinate their own dog.

What if my dog is not spayed or neutered, can they still board at Jagger’s?
Yes, they can.  However, they will not be permitted to interact with other dogs in group play.  They will go into a play area or outside by themselves, along with our Kennel Attendant. They are placed into a rotation to go outside regularly, under supervision.  We do this because dogs that are not "fixed" can sometimes be a safety issue.  Too many Hormones and Testosterone involved when they are not spayed or neutered that could lead to a sudden altercation with another dog or if not supervised and separated a dog could get pregnant, which has happened at another facility in this community.  Safety is our priority at Jagger's.  If you have a female dog that goes into heat, while boarding, she will have to leave immediately.  We require you to provide an "Emergency Contact" person and their phone number when you board your dog with us, who will be contacted if any health or safety issue should arise.

I am wanting to board my dog at Jagger's while I am gone on an upcoming business trip or vacation, what should I do first to prepare for this?
First of all, call us at (618) 316-7021 and check your available dates.  We are the busiest boarding facility in the region, due to our nice accommodations and safety policies, so we book up fast every weekend.  We require a 50% deposit if you have not boarded with us before.
Secondly, you should make certain that your dog is up-to-date on the shots/vaccinations that we require at Jagger's.
Finally, we strongly suggest that you bring your dog in for a Full-day of daycare, so that they can become familiar with the surroundings, the staff, and enable us to do a temperament test to evaluate your dog for potential group play.  Doing this will enable your dog to adjust to our environment very quickly when you drop them off for boarding, because they will already be familiar with the routine and environment at Jagger's.  You will also need to fill out our "Boarding Registration Form" which you can find at this link:


The Vaccination Records, Deposit, and Boarding Registration Forms MUST be done before we can hold a reservation for your boarding date(s).

What time is the Drop-Off and Pick-Up availability on the Weekend?
The Saturday Pick-up and Drop-Off times is 9:00am to 11:00am. 
The Sunday Pick-up and Drop-Off times is also 9:00am to 11:00am.

What happpens if I book a 7-day boarding reservation and I get home early, so I decide to pick-up my dog a day early?
That is fine, UNLESS we are filled to capacity and have turned others away.  If that occurs, then you will still be responsible to pay for the 7th day of boarding because we held the Kennel Suite for you, while turning others away.  This scenario will usually play out around every major holiday as well as the busy weekends of Summer vacation and Spring Break.  Again, we will will only charge you for early pick-up a day early, if we are filled to capacity.  That is fair to both parties.

What do I need to bring with my dog when I drop-off for boarding at Jagger's?
You MUST provide documentation of your dog's up-to-date vaccinations as stated above.
We also ask that you provide Dog Food pre-measured in "Zip Lock" bags and label each bag with your dog's name using a black marker. Please do NOT bring us a 30lbs bag of dog food as food preparation space is limited. Bring your dog in with a Leash & Collar.  We prefer you leave any flea collar you have, at home.  Limit 2 Toys per dog.  No bowls needed and no blanket needed, we provide both.  We have Kuranda Beds which are super comfy, but if your dog is accustomed to sleeping on a personal bed each night, you can bring it and we will place that on top pof our Kuranda bed.  If your dog is on medication, bring it along as well and provide dosing instructions to us.

Should my Dog wear a Soresto Flea Collar at Jagger's?
Absolutely not, no way!  Those plastic collars are a nuisance in our environment.  They will likely get tugged and pulled off by playful dogs and we do not want to be responsible for them, so leave your Soresto collars at home.  If your dog shows up wearing a Seresto collar, YOU will have to remove it and take it with you, or your dog cannot stay with us.




What is doggie daycare?
Much like a children’s daycare, Jagger’s Doggie Daycare is a place to bring your dog during the day while you are at work, or running errands, or need to have some alone time away from your pooch, because people are coming over to your house, or you are busy painting, etc and don't want "Fido" in the mix.

What are the benefits of doggie daycare?
Daycare at Jagger’s enables your dog to get the exercise they need, and develop better social skills with other dogs, as well as people.  The other big benefit is to assist dogs that have separation anxiety or boredom, which might lead them to "act out" or cause issues when left at home alone.  In fact, that's how we lost our dog, Jagger (separation anxiety).  This is precisely why we started this business to help other dog owners, and we named it Jagger's in his honor.

What are the days and hours of daycare at Jagger’s?
Daycare is available on weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 7:30am to 6:00pm.  Full-day and Half-day of daycare is available.  Anything up to 5 hours is considered a Half-Day.  Over 5 hours is considered a Full Day.  There is no daycare service available on Saturday or Sunday, although we still offer boarding, grooming, and training on the weekends.  

What is the cost of doggie daycare at Jagger’s?
A Full-day of daycare is $22.00, while a Half-day of daycare is $16.00.  There are “Package” discounts for frequent users of Full-day daycare.  You can purchase a 5-day, 10-day, or 15-day Daycare Package, which gives you a significant discount off the Full-Day rate.  If you have more than 1 dog, you would need a package for EACH dog in our system for tracking purposes.  There is NO expiration date on the packages, you can carry them over from month-to-month.  They make a great gift idea for dog owners on your list.

What do the dogs do at daycare?
The dogs interact with other dogs their similar size and temperament.  This is accomplished through a temperament test, where we carefully begin to pair up dogs and judge their response to one another.  We have (5) indoor play areas, as well as (3) outdoor turf play areas.  The dogs are able to run, jump, play on ramps, steps, tunnels, chase and catch balls, etc.   If your dog is not spayed or neutured, they can still attend Daycare, but they will not be permitted to engage in "group" play with other dogs.  They will go into a play area or outside by themselves, along with our Kennel Attendants. They are placed into a rotation to go outside regularly, under supervision. Too many Hormones and Testosterone involved when they are not spayed or neutered that could lead to a sudden altercation with another dog.  Safety is our priority at Jagger's.

Are your outdoor play areas safe for my dog?
Yes, we believe that the outdoor play yards at Jagger’s are the SAFEST in the area. We invite you to compare.  Jagger's is the only local daycare and boarding facility in Mt Vernon with “Pet turf” artificial grass that is easy and soft on the dog’s paw pads, and not rough like pea gravel, rock, wood chips, concrete, or asphalt, all of which can be harmful to paw pads.   It's also widely known that dogs can eat and injest pea gravel or rocks, and there is no proven way to clean or disinfect it, which is why we don't have it at Jagger's.  Our artificial "pet turf" is specially made for dog facilities, and we clean & disinfect it multiple times per day, so that it is germ-free, urine-free, poop-free, and contains no fleas, ticks, or other harmful risks that you could find in natural grass, dirt, mud, pea gravel, rocks, or wood chips.  Safety and health is our #1 priority at Jagger's.

What about the heat of the sun, is there protection from the heat?
Yes, we have (5) large sunshades over the turf playgrounds at Jagger’s to keep your dog shaded from the heat when needed.  We also have swimming pools in our turf playground areas for the dogs to jump and splash in as a quick cool down in warmer weather.

What if it is storming outside, then where do the dogs play during Daycare?  
We have (5) indoor play rooms: Tiny Town, Smallville, Big City, Hound Town and Geriatric Room.  Each room can acomodate a large group of dogs, and we carefully group them based upon size and temperament, while providing ongoing supervision.

Should my Dog wear a Soresto Flea Collar at Jagger's?
Absolutely not, there is realy no reason to have it on at Jaggger's.  Those expensive plastic flea collars are not recommended in our environment.  They will likely get tugged and pulled off by playful dogs and we do not want to be responsible for them, so please leave your Soresto collars at home.  If your dog shows up wearing a Seresto collar, you will likely be asked to remove it and take it with you, or your dog cannot stay with us.

I am a new customer and have never been to Jagger's before.  What do I need to do?




Do you require certain vaccinations for Dog Grooming?  The State of Illinois requires all dog owners to have their dog vaccinated for Rabies, Parvo, and Distemper.  Beyond that, we don't require anything else for "grooming only," that has the dog in and out quickly.  But, if your dog is going to stay and interact with other dogs for Daycare or Boarding, then yes, we will require proof of Bordetella (Kennel Cough) as well.  While we no longer require Canine Flu vaccine, we still strongly recommend it, and we have our own dogs vaccinated for Canine Flu, too.

Do you offer grooming services on big dogs as well as small dogs?
Yes, we groom every breed and every size of dog. 

Do you do Walk-in Nail Trims?
Yes, we do walk-in nail trims and we can also do nail grinding with a Dremel, if necessary.

What is the cost for just a nail trim?
Walk-in nail trims are $7.00 for a small dog, and $10.00 for a large dog.  Grinding is a little extra, if needed or requested.

What do you charge for just a bath and nail trim?
Depending upon the size of the dog, and the length & thickness of the coat, it could be anywhere from $25, $35, $45, or more for a bath and nail trim.  Some dogs with a longer, thicker coat, will require more of a brush-out than other dogs, requiring more time and cost.  We also offer higher-end specialty baths such as a DeShed Treatment that would cost a little more.  Our DeShed Baths have amazing results on any breed of dog that tends to shed.  It helps to reduce the amount of hair that is shed around your house.  Ask us for details on how we can make your dog look it's very best.

Do you offer teeth brushing at your facility?
Yes, at Jagger's we offer teeth brushing as an option, or stand-alone service for $7.00 to $10.00 depending upon the size of the dog.  We are one of the few local facilities to offer this service.

What is the cost to groom a dog?
It is a variable range of prices, depending upon the breed of dog, size of dog, length of the coat, condition of the coat, and behavior of the dog.  Prices start at $35 for a full groom on some smaller breeds. Medium, Large, adn Extra-Large dogs woud be more. Call us for a more accurate quote.  The Price quoted is subject to change, upon inspection of the dog’s coat. 

Can you groom a dog with long thick hair and undercoat such as an Alaskan Malamute or a Great Pyraneese?
Yes, we groom both of those breeds and others like them.  The cost involved depends upon the condition of the coat and the length of time we spend on it.

What if I have a dog that is covered with matts or cocka burrs?
That is a time-consuming process to safely remove, bathe, brush, dry, and cut/trim.  Again, the price will depend upon the size of the dog and condition of the coat.  But any dog that has matts and/or cocka burrs will add cost to the grooming.  Matting is actually a safety issue.  Dogs with thick, long hair that are not properly brushed and groomed regularly can develop serious health issues, due to infections.  Regular brushing and grooming is strongly recommended by veterinarians.

Can you do Specialty cuts on dogs?
Yes, we do specialty cuts all the time.  Teddy bear cut, Lion cut, Kennel cut, Poodle cut, Lamb cut, and many more.  We cut and trim to your specifications.  Every customer is different, with different preferences.  Our policy is to please you.

Do you provide Anal Gland Expression on dogs?
Yes, upon request, if the dog needs it.

I have a dog that sheds badly, can you help me with their coat?
Yes, we have a De-Shed shampoo and bathing process, which also includes specialty brushing to help remove unwanted hair, and limit the shedding process.

I have a dog with skin irritation, can you help me?
Yes, we can.  Many times, the skin irritation is caused by the shampoo you might be using at home, or the food/diet that they are eating (including certain table scraps).  We can talk to you about this and provide a shampoo experience to improve the skin irritation.  You might also talk to your veterinarian.

Should my Dog wear a Soresto Flea Collar at Jagger's?
Absolutely not, no way!  Those plastic collars are a nuisance in our environment.  They will likely get tugged and pulled off by playful dogs and we do not want to be responsible for them, so leave your Soresto collars at home.  If your dog shows up wearing a Seresto collar, YOU will have to remove it and take it with you, or your dog cannot stay with us.



Do you do private training lessons or group lessons for dogs?
Our dog trainer, Austin Todd, of Rising Sun Canine offers BOTH group lessons as well as private lessons with YOU actively involved in each lesson.  YOU will be handling the dog and learning about recognizing and correcting behavior.  We know you will see results, and you will receive the full time that you pay for. In fact, his training GUARANTEED to produce positive results, or your money back.  Austin is a Miltary Veteran, having served five years in the U.S. Marines.  He offers a discount to current miltary personnel, Veterans, and First-Responders.

What does a dog learn during Dog Training?
There are (3) different levels of instruction. The initial focus is on basic commands which include: Sit, Stay, Place, Leave It, Wait, Come, Heel, Down, and Off.  Additional commands and issues will also be addressed including proper leash walking.  See the list below.

Besides the (8) basic obedience commands you mentioned above, what other issues can you help me with?  
Other topics that our trainer, Austin, can address with you and your dog (if applicable) include:  separation anxiety, boredom, jumping on you or other people, door dashing, excessive barking, walking on a leash, chewing, digging, biting, whining, agressiveness towards other dogs, people, or food; crate training, need for socialization, counter surfing & garbage raiding, excitement & submissive urination, and poop eating (coprophagia). 

How do I know if obedience dog training is right for my dog?  That's precisely why we an evaluation of your dog and your needs.  It depends upon the issues you are having with your dog, the temperament of the dog, and whether or not it is aggressive. 

Do you offer Dog Training for Puppies?
Yes, you can enroll your puppy into our Puppy Training Class where they will receive top-notch training and get a good start on growing and developing properly with the desired behavior.


How much does it cost to train a dog?  Pricing options are discussed during the initial visit and assessment of your pet, and your needs.

What days do you offer Obedience Dog Training?
Our trainer, Austin Todd, of Rising Sun Canine Training  is here to serve you on weekdays.   Due to our busy schedule, we do not offer walk-in training.

Is your training based upon positive reinforcement or negative reinforcement?
Austin will practice positive reinforcement and utilize treats. He will not harm a dog.  Austin can also suggest certain leashes and collars for you to assist in handling your dogs safely and effectively for walks, etc.   Many of these collars and leashes are sold in our lobby at Jagger's.

Do you have CBD OIL and CBD Treats for dogs?
Yes, we sell and stock CBD oil and CBD treats for dogs in multiple strengths.   It is great for anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures, and many other issues.  It is very easy to administer by placing drops on your hand, or on a piece of bread or treat.  You can learn more about the professional gold-grade CBD oil that we sell by visiting THIS LINK on our website.   We also sell CBD treats in a variety of flavors including Chicken, Rabbit, Lamb, and Beef.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered enroll in obedience dog trianing?
No, but it is recommended as early as possible.  Your dog will respond better to commands and training if the hormones and testosterone are not raging.  It is much heathier for them too.


What shots/vaccinations are required to enroll in Obedience Dog Training at Jagger's?
Unless your dog is a very young puppy, we require all of the following:

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