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Multi-Task Position Available

Multi-Task Position Available

Jagger's Doggie Daycare in Mount Vernon has an opening for a mature person who can let dogs out to potty at night, top off their water, clean up any mess created, change out mop buckets, do some laundry, and have the computer aptitude to make entries into a computer, print info sheets and reports, process transactions, process phone messages, if necessary, etc. In other words, somebody who can multi-task. This job would be ideal for someone who is retired, or simply looking for part-time hours.   It's also a great job opportunity for somebody to get their foot in the door with us and lead to a Full-Time position with our company. 

We offer Competitive Pay, Flexible Schedule, FREE Vision and Dental Insurance after probationary period, Monthly Bonus Plan, and other perks like Free boarding for your own dog and employee discount on grooming, training, and merchandise.  We offer bonus pay of $1.25 per hour MORE if asked to work on a Saturday or Sunday, which would not be any longer at 1:30pm, so you still haev the bulk of your day available on the weekend.

You need to provide a documented history of great work ethic in previous jobs, in order to be considered for this position.  We WILL check your references and we will do a background check.  You also must have a clean appearance and be a punctual person who is always on time.
Must be able to work a short shift from 7pm to 9pm a few nights a week, as well as some daytime hours from roughly 12 Noon to 6pm or 7:00am to 12 Noon.  Starting pay is $11.50 per hour on Weekdays, $12.75 per hour on Weekends, and $20.00 per hour for the late night, last outs.

Many of our employees have been with us for multiple years.  Jagger's is a great place to work if you like to clean, and if you enjoy being around dogs of all sizes and are able to think on your feet and problem solve in a TEAM environment.  We are locally owned and operated.  We treat our employees the way that we would want to be treated.  We often surprise our staff with pizza, bakery items, etc.  Our staff also receives a very nice year-end bonus at Christmas time.  We are very easy to get along with, but we will not tolerate Drama. We expect people to show up on time to do their job, and function as a TEAM player, while leaving their Drama at home. We also will not tolerate dishonesty.  We will always be honest with you, we expect the same in return.

Qualifications for Kennel Attendant/Customer Service Staff: 
You MUST be a mature adult with positive work history (good references and track record, no drama)
You MUST have good communication skills.  We will check the spelling and grammar on your application.
You MUST be able to routinely lift 50lbs or more and display no fear of dogs, including BIG dogs.
You MUST have a passion and love for dogs with ability to provide proper care as directed.
You MUST be willing to thoroughly clean kennels and floors as directed (including urine & poop)
You MUST have a strong work ethic, and be mature and dependable (show up as scheduled)
You MUST understand that the job is NOT simply playing with dogs, it can tedious work at times
You MUST be a team player, who can work well around others & follow directions, without drama.
You MUST be able to work a shift WITHOUT constant access to your cell phone.  They will go in a basket.  If you can't handle this policy, do not apply.
You MUST be willing and able to work outdoors as well as inside, as duties are required on turf
You MUST have a pleasant personality who can communicate with customers in a positive way.
You MUST have pleasant and caring telephone skills and ability to answer questions, write down information, and organize information into proper channels.
You MUST have dependable transportation and a valid driver’s license, as well as insurance
You MUST have a valid phone number & email where you can always be reached
You MUST be able to pass a background check with no criminal record
You MUST be able and willing to work at least two weekend shifts per month (which is extra pay)

Duties will include, but will not be limited to:
* Cleaning Kennels (mopping, wiping, scrubbing)
* Cleaning Floors (sweeping and mopping)
* Cleaning Artificial Turf (picking up solid waste, spraying down with hose/disinfectant)
* Wiping Down Walls
* Disinfecting Rooms
* Washing Feeding Bowls
* Washing Towels and Blankets in machine (laundry)
* Routinely Watering the Dogs
* Feeding Dogs
* Taking Out Trash
* Administering Canine Medicine under Supervision
* Walking Dogs
* Moving Dogs from one play area to another play area
* Supervising a dog pack at play
* Checking inventory of belonging's for a client's dog 
* Keeping Leashes and Collars organized
* Assisting the Manager with customers in the lobby or on the phone, as requested
* Assisting the Dog Trainer or Dog Groomer with tasks as needed and requested
* Answering Phone Calls and routing calls to correct staff, or assist in scheduling boarding, etc.
* Bringing dogs on a leash to their owner at pick-up time and providing friendly service & assistance


To apply, Please FILL OUT the application below with as much detail as possible and submit it to us electronically.  Because of our busy schedule in taking care of dogs at Jagger's, please DO NOT apply in person and DO NOT call us to discuss employment.  Submit your information and we will be in touch.  Thank you!

Please apply by answering the questions below in a truthful manner. 

Name (First and Last)
Street Address
City and Zip Code
Telephone Number
Email Address
Did you graduate high school and/or any trade school or college? If so, what year?
Do you have any fear of dogs?
Do you have the stature, strength, and ablity to work with dogs of 100lbs or more?
Do you own dogs yourself? If so, what breed?
Are you currently employed anywhere? If so, what are your job duties?
Where have you worked? What is your work history?
Give us an example of your problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task:
If you encountered a dog fight, what steps would you take to break it up?
How many days of the week are you available to work?
What hours are you typically available to work?
Can you successfully pass a criminal background check?
Do you have dependable transportation?
When are you available for an interview?
Give us 3 reasons why we should hire you?
Please provide 3 references & phone numbers of people who know your work ethic:
Anything else about you that we should know?
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