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Closed October 13-19

Back in June, we announced to our customers that we would be closing for a 7-day period in October, so that our staff could all enjoy some much-needed paid time off, after working through a very busy summer boarding season in addition to the Labor Day holiday.  As a reminder, Jagger’s will be closed October 13-19, which is a Wednesday through a Tuesday (see calendar below).  There will no daycare, boarding, or grooming on those dates, but we will still be hosting training lessons by Misti Funk of Ready Set Sit during that stretch.

We WILL have Daycare as usual on Monday & Tuesday October 11 & 12 of that week, and we WILL have Daycare as usual on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday October 20-22 of the following week, so therefore NOBODY will have to go five straight weekdays in a work week without doggie daycare if you need it (see calendar below).

As an incentive and a token of our appreciation for enabling our staff to recharge their batteries during this time, any Jagger’s customer who utilizes daycare at our facility with a package during September or October will have (2) FREE DAYS of Daycare added to your current package.   If you don’t currently have a Daycare package, but you attend Daycare with your dog at least twice from September 27 to October 12, we will MATCH those two days by giving you two more days of Daycare FREE, as well. 

IF YOU NEED DOG BOARDING during any of these dates October 13-19, we encourage you to seek out the services of Doggie Stylez in Marion at (618) 889-4712 or contact Double-J Play & Stay in Highland (618) 882-6699, or their Greenville location at (618) 690-5030.  We are very familiar with each of these locations and ownership.  We can highly recommend them while we are closed for seven days.  We have also boarded our own dogs there, in the past, so we speak from experience.  Both choices offer ammenities very similar to Jagger's including outside fenced areas with pet turf, large staff to maintain proper dog-to-person ratio for supervision, private Kennel Suites with Kuranda beds, as well as additional safety features to meet your needs.  Both of these recommended companies have also been in business for multiple years, so there is a track record of proven experience and quality care.

Our staff has enjoyed taking care of your fur babies during a busy summer season when everyone was anxious to “get away” after being limited to travel by the pandemic a year ago.  Giving our staff seven days off with some compensation is a great way for them to rest, relax, recharge, and enjoy some activities away from the Daycare, and it enables us to show them our appreciation for their hard work, efforts, and dedication to the daily tasks at Jagger’s.  We are blessed to have the largest staff of any dog facility in Jefferson County, and we wouldn’t trade them for anything.  They are all great people, dog owners like you, and they come to work with a wonderful, caring spirit for the pets that are entrusted to our care.   Thank you for your understanding concerning this seven-day pause in our business and join us in thanking our great staff for all their efforts this past Summer.  We will be around doing some routine maintenance and painting while we are closed, and we will still check email messages.

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