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Jaggers vs Pet Sitters

Boarding at Jagger's Doggie Daycare versus a Pet Sitter

The Boarding experience at Jagger's is far different than
taking your dog to a Pet Sitter to watch your precious dog
in their home.  Consider these important comparisons:

You have no way of knowing if their home is clean and free of harmful germs or bacteria.  If they have carpeting, it could be riddled with fleas or other parasites.  It's risky to leave a dog in someone else's home. Jagger's does continuous cleaning every day with proven agents used by veterinarian's to maintain a healthy environment.  No carpet here.  We have ceramic tile and turf for easy cleaning.  We also have (5) commercial air purification units for clean air.
Pet Sitter's won't typically ask for shot records, so your dog could be exposed to harmful diseases such as Canine Flu and Bordetella that other animals in their care who don't have shots, could carry & transmit. We require ALL DOGS in our care to be current on all shots/vaccinations including Canine Flu and Bordetella, so you KNOW your dog is not exposed to any unvaccinated dogs. This is so important.  Isn't your dog worth it?
Pet Sitter's will often take in cats or other animals (not just dogs) which can cause anxiety for your dog and other dogs due to smell, plus it exposes your dog to other health issues. Jagger's is ONLY for dogs.  We do not board cats, reptiles, or pigs. This means that your dog is not exposed to something that could cause a health concern.
Pet Sitter's are usually limited to "walking" your dog only, for their exercise and to do potty business.  By walking in an open area, there is always the risk that your dog can get away from them.  Even if they have a fenced area, it could lack the vital safety measures such as lean-to's and gates. Jagger's has indoor and outdoor play areas, including fenced-in TURF areas with lean'to's at the top to prevent climbing, and playground equipment so your dog can PLAY, exercise and do their business in a Fun setting. We have multiple safety gates.
Socialization could be very limited for your dog in a Pet Sitter's home, due to the lack of dogs, or having the "right" dogs that are screened through temperament testing and vaccinations. Dogs are happier and healthier at Jagger's due to the social interaction they enjoy with other dogs that have been properly screened through a temperament test.  They will smile.  Just look at the happy faces every day on our Facebook page
Dogs under watch of an in-home Pet Sitter can get bored and act out in a negative way because there is not enough stimulation for them. Separation Anxiety can kick in.  There could be things in their home that your dog could get ahold of, which could be harmful. No boredom or separation anxiety at Jagger's.  We started this business to cure those issues with lots of playground FUN such as ramps, tunnels, steps, platforms, balls, and lots of human interaction with people who care.
Pet Sitter's don't typically have alarms or detectors in place that are tied into the police and fire department, nor do they have cameras to document any issues that could arise.  They aren't set-up for it. Jagger's is equipped with (24) cameras that record constantly, plus we are wired directly into the police & fire departments with smoke, fire, CO-2 detectors and alarms. Police & Fire departments are just 5 blocks from our door. 
Pet Sitter's may or may not be equipped to administer medication including insulin shots.  They also might not be able to handle a dog that has paralysis.  They also don't have the relationship's established with multiple veterinarian's in case of a crisis. We have multiple vet techs on our staff and we are large enough to handle any issue with our dog guests, including insulin shots.  We have routinely hosted dogs with paralysis issues.  We have well established relationships with multiple veterinarian's.
The sleeping area for your dog at a Pet Sitter could lack many ammenities and important safety measures, especially if they have other dogs (or cats) in their house. Jagger's has (5) different sizes of clean, private Kennel Suites equipped with safety locks and privavcy panels.  ALL Suites include a cozy comfortable Kuranda bed and bedding. TV's and light music available too.
Because many Pet Sitter's fly underneath the radar screen by operating out of their home, many of them are NOT licensed or inspected each year by the State.  They likely have No liability Insurance either. Jagger's is fully licensed and has passed an Annual Inspection by the State of Illinois with flying colors every year we have been open.  We are also fully insured for your protetion. Just look at all the happy dog photos on Facebook

Remember, boarding at Jagger's INCLUDES FREE Daycare/Playtime, plus we also offer optional
dog obedience training, as well as grooming and bathing while your fur baby stays with us.
Wanna know more about our many services?  Visit our FAQ Page - JUST CLICK HERE


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